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Anti-taxation could drown America in tea

The American people are asleep at the switch when it comes to comprehending the role taxation plays in creating the necessary revenue for basic area services. In a recent New York Times piece, Paul Krugman believes that we should all be concerned over this. Tax income could keep individuals safer and educate them, but the anti-taxation movement maintains strong opposition. Cutbacks have become increasingly common, but some go as if their eyes were covered by teabags, blind as they’re to the potential for greater area services through tax revenues.

Governments run short, but where are the taxes?

While various economic theories exist concerning taxation, it is difficult to dispute that tax increases could help local governments provide more reliable essential services. Krugman sees how the government issues bonds at 1.04 percent but then turns around and claims they can’t help support local governments in trouble. The fed could possibly be doing more to assist. Where is the priority, wonders Krugman. The able rich appear to be more interesting in barding for personal war than really waging war on behalf of a disappearing America.

Cutting back and casting jobs away

At the state and local level, governments are tightening the belt on anything, which hurts families probably the most. Couple that with a slow in federal spending and Krugman warns that America is stuck in reverse. A teacher with a job means education and lower unemployment. But there are no guarantees when it comes to tax cuts for the rich; they might spend it or hide it away.

Demonizing the public sector

Numerous people have little or no faith within the public sector’s ability to handle money, tax revenues or otherwise. Tea parties scream that waste and fraud are rampant. Krugman suggests it was never as bad as the right made it seem. America has slid in education and infrastructure. On the contrary, “America is now on the unlit, unpaved road to nowhere,” writes Krugman.

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